Monday, December 27, 2010

Ho Ho Ho

Merry Christmas to All,

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas weekend.

Mine was fun and very full.

Here a few photos of my decor around the house.

The tree (which is in the kitchen bay window - due to 3 frisky kittens not being able to get into the kitchen ;)

At the beginning of December I went to the Brass Armadillo Antique Mall and bought them out of retro vintage ornaments. I had seen a gorgeous wreath online which was priced pretty I thought "I can do that"....which as you'll see below I DID! (however not sure it was for less than I could've purchased it online for when all was said and done....however I'm glad I made it myself since it'll mean more in years to come.)

Jennifer Murphy is one of my favorite artists. I am always excited when she has her website updates to sell her handmade pieces. I try and make sure I am near a computer at the moment the update is opened as her pieces FLY, and I mean FLY out the door within minutes. This time I was LUCKY enough to send in my request quickly enough to get my FIRST choice!!

Take a look at the cutest ornament! It is a vintage mitten filled with a mini mouse handmade by Jennifer, and a snowman spun by hand by Crystal Hanehan. Jennifer collaborated with Crystal on a few pieces, and I think their work nicely compliments eachother, don't you?

I was fortunate enough to be able to visit Wendy Addison's shop while I was in Northern California earlier this month. Jackie Cate and I ventured to the little out of the way studio and shop to be amazed by all the beautiful pieces. This was the ornament I picked out for my tree.

I purchase an acorn for my MOM for Christmas. (given her business is Acorn Ridge Quilting ;)

Speaking of her business and her work, take a look at this adorable quilt she created for me! My mom had asked me for pictures of my cats, the faces especially. I didn't know what she was up to, but when she sent me a number of JibJab greeting cards with my cats singing Christmas songs, I figured that was it!! Little did I know she was also creating this amazing quilt.

More to come on my holiday activites, but for now, I'm exhausted, and need some sleep. Working 2 days this week, so tomorrow morning is coming along quick!




  1. Merry Belated Christmas Rach~
    Your decorations are very cute. The ornaments are wonderful and the kitty cat quilt precious! My mom collects acorns funny. I made her felted acorns for her would have thought that I hung the moon.

  2. Your wreath came out beautiful! I've done that very thing before: think that I can make something for less only to have it be more expensive. But - you are right - it will mean more because you made it.
    Your Jennifer Murphy ornament is so cute!
    How cute is your kitty quilt!?! That is just precious!

  3. That wreath is magnificent! Don't let me get too close. I break things even if I just look at them cross-eyed.

    Yay to your mom for creating something so lovely and sentimental! I once went to a folk art museum that had some quilts on display and I really marveled at the painstaking detail each one had, but those were nuttin compared to this love and care that went into this one.=)

  4. I am dying to make one of those wreaths! How did you wire it all together?? Your tree looks amazing too. Love the little snowman and mouse. Didn't you say you took a class from one of those women???

  5. Thanks Ladies! Crystal- I used wire ornament hangers to attach to each branch. I have taken a class with Jennifer Murphy, it was a lot of fun!!

  6. Rachel,

    Thanks for stopping by to visit me. YES! I will be at Kim's Event in March. Can't wait to see you again. Are you planning on going to Jenn's event in October? Charlene

  7. So adorable! Thanks for stopping by my blog Rachel...looking forward to playing together at Moulin!

  8. Rachel...I've extended an award to you,(if your blog isn't award free) please feel free to pick it up anytime when you're free. Thanks :)