Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Petticoats and Parasols - Day 2

Hi All -

Day Two in Savannah, GA began with a walk around town looking for a breakfast spot to eat. We finally found one and I ordered a great breakfast sandwich. It took a little longer that it should have, but in true Southern hospitality, the manager came over later and brought me a little cookie treat! Nice.

I will be doing a separate blog post on the lanterns/lighting and all the architecture, but as a quick tease here I am in front of a nice hotel/inn with a great light fixture.

Jen and I then set off to see more of Savannah's squares, and some of the hot shopping spots.
The Paris Market was a MAJOR stop of the day.

I could've spent half the day in this shop with all the things to see and look through! I will share with you some of my purchases later, however here are a few shots of the shop. The PARIS letters that light up in the back are TO DIE FOR. I want letters like that that say RACH! Really I do, note to self: must stalk ebay for those....

Of course we couldn't turn around in Savannah without bumping into more SUGAR!! (ok eating healthy was gonna have to wait.)

Again with the cool signage, the METRO sign in front of the stairs to go down to another area with fun old books, photographs, etc. Had I not worried that my bags were going to weigh so close to 50 lbs as it was, I would've purchased some of the old books for projects...alas I just picked up some old photos, some cool news giftcards, some Washi Japanese Tape, and a cool blank journal....and it seems like other things that I am forgetting at the moment....(FYI - the unpacking hasn't quite finished, or really started let's be honest!)

The Paris Market was so awesome!!
After all the shopping we were hungry so we took a break to split a cupcake to give us the energy boost we needed for a little more shopping and sightseeing. We then headed down to the Riverwalk to find some real food.
We waited for an outdoor table on the balcony at a restaurant on the river. It was such a nice day, it was great to eat outdoors. I love eating outdoors when it is nice out!

We headed back from shopping to relax and get ready for the Cupcake Party/Vendor Night at Back in the Day Bakery. We boarded an open air trolley and took the journey across town. Jen and I didn't quite have the full Southern Belle attire, but this was the best us Midwesterners could do!!

As you'll see from the below pictures, many of the girls went all out and looked so gorgeous in their Southern Belle attire!! Tiffany has such great style every given day, and her SB attire was perfect! She looked very cute!

Our hostess Jenn had this dress custom designed! Wow! Shelly also looked wonderful all Belle'd up!
Our other instructor for one of our three classes was the wonderful Christine! She looked adorable!

The night was full of shopping and fun and CUPCAKES. The Back in the Day Bakery certainly had some tasty desserts!

After the last dollar was spent, Jen and I shared a cab over to the Six Pence Pub with Jodie and Karen. What a FUN night we had. Dinner, drinks, and laughs with new friends! Our waitress looked and sounded just like Berta - (the woman in pink - eyes closed :) from Two and a Half Men. She was so funny and nice!

Great Day 2!

I totally forgot to mention the night of Day 1 we had a Ghost Tour of the city! Those pics are on my other camera that are not yet uploaded....that is a whole other post in any case!!! More to come....

- Rach


  1. The Paris Market looks tempting. I love that green dress! Did you just love Shelley? She is the life of the party! Everyone looks cute in their dresses.

    Oh, Bull St. would only be fun to live on if it had "hi" in it.

  2. Love the pics! Paris Mkt definitely had the swoon factor. I picked up some of their Japanese tape too! (black and white polka dot). Slowly digging and unpacking . . . can't wait to see more! Heidi

  3. Great pics! I love the one of you sitting at the outdoor cafe! So cute!

  4. Another great post! What a great time. It was so excited to see everyone walk in all dolled up. Thanks for sharing your wonderful pics.

  5. So fun:) I think this would be a fun vacation spot (since the hubby won't travel out of the country anymore).
    So the southern belles still wear those fancy dresses? That is so cool. I thought it was more of a "thing of the past" but I love that they still dress like that.
    You look beautiful too:) Glad you had so much fun.

  6. Rach, it was so much fun to meet you & Jennifer at Petticoats! I enjoyed getting to know both of you. Glad we got to sit across from each other at lunch Saturday. Maybe we can hook up if I come to Denver to visit some of my family up there. I know you can tell me some of your secret haunts for treasures. Since we both did shopping trips to Paris Market I know we like a lot of the same stuff! Great post. Charlene

  7. Hi Rachel,
    Your pictures are just fantastic. You look so happy in all of them!

    By the way, I am so excited that you'll be going to Kaari's French retreat. I can't wait to see and read all about it. What a thrill!

  8. Hi Rachel,

    It was a blast meeting you too. Boy you got some amazing photos. I didn't!!!

    I wish I had gone a day earlier and left a day later, but luckily I didn't since as soon as I came home I came down with the flu.

    I woke up this morning and my fever is down a bit, so I thought I would post some pictures of the P&P Art Event. Of course, you were there so you don't really need to see these. lol

    Rach, please keep in touch.

    xo Cathy

  9. Hi Rachel,
    It was so nice to meet you this last weekend. You are just so nice. Your blog is just charming. I love the picture of you sitting on Jodie's lap. Is that Jodie? HaHa!So much fun.
    I made so many new friends and I hope to keep them. I wish I would have had more of a chance to connect with you during our time together. maybe being at the same table or something. Please drop by my blog later. I hope to post pics as well.
    Hugs Sweetie,

  10. Oh my gosh, these pics make me miss you so much!!!
    xoxo, Tiffany

  11. Hey Rachel!!!
    okay...I know...
    Right now you are having soooo much fun with Shelley and everyone at Mary E...and I'm sitting here in front of my computer tapping...waiting for you to post about it! ;)

    Seriously...how come we all look so darn tired at the pub and you are all perky? How the heck can you look good in ALL of your photos...you gotta tell me your secret! :)))

    I'm lonesome...hoping you are having a blast!!!!

  12. Rachel, you are as sweet as can be & so adorable! Love your smile! It was great seeing you again! Hopefully the next time we see each other, we can get to know each other better.