Sunday, June 7, 2009

Studio Under Construction

A few last pictures of the Studio in the works!

These white wire baskets are full of fabrics, my Sizzix machine, all my felt and felting supplies, as well as random project kits waiting to be made.  You'll also catch a glimpse of my fun crafting tote that I bought at Silver Bella last year from Kim Caldwell at Artistic Bliss

Kim was so sweet at the end of the workshops I tracked her down since I HAD to have one of the totes to carry everything!  I was so happy she still had a few left!

My bookcase is full of craft books, and all the Somerset Magazines you could ask for.  Also I have two bins of feedsack vintage fabrics.  Feedsacks are my FAVORITE thing.  Most of the ones I own are from a trip my mom and I made to Walnut, IA years ago, probably 17 or 18 years actually.  We hit the "mother-load" and bought as many as we could!

And here is the "new" bookcase I bought at Decade last weekend that is holding all the fun stuff!  Still much organizing to be done, but it is getting close!

Since it is nearly 8:40pm and I have forgotten to eat dinner with all the blogging going on here, I will sign off.    Have a good evening! 



  1. Rachel, so good to see you here in blogland! So looking forward to you being with us girls again! Love your kitties... I bet they are a big help in your crafting process just like me dogs!

  2. I remember trying to help you hunt down Kim that last day of silverbella. I'm glad you were able to get it.