Sunday, June 7, 2009

First Rach-ology Blog Post!

Hello!  I am so excited for my first blog post.  I have been wanting to start a crafty blog since last November when I met so many wonderful ladies at Silver Bella in Omaha, NE.  Many had fun blogs, and I only aspired to start one someday.  Well TODAY is the day!  Since I am gearing up for Silver Bella 2009 I thought I would get a jump on things and start sooner rather than later.

I am also excited since I am finally putting to use my spare bedroom upstairs to create a fabulous STUDIO!  Well, fabulous to me!  I am trying to organize, or make some sense of all my crafting supplies so I can actually CREATE something.  The Container Store and Target have seen quite a bit of me, and I made a nice donation to the economy in each.  I found an awesome old bookcase that will be housing most of the containers full of ribbons, buttons, adhesives, tools, and little bits of everything.  If you are in Denver and need a great place to find vintage furniture along with fun gift items, visit Decade on Broadway.  I also bought a fun vintage white enamel top table that I am working on right now.  I have placed it in front of my window and when the window is open I have a nice breeze laced with the fragrance from my bushes outside.

My cats, MaGraw and Harley, have found nice spots on top of quilts made by my grandmother and mother to lay upon and while away their hours sleeping....also MaGraw right now is sleeping on my lap, his number one choice of sleeping spots.

I will be posting some before and after pictures of the studio, however I am not sure the REAL After picture will happen for quite sometime, but we'll say the DURING pictures.

Thanks for Visiting!!

Creative Wishes,

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