Thursday, June 18, 2009

NYC - bound

I am frantically trying to think of what I am forgetting to pack for our trip to NYC tomorrow!  Well we are hitting Connecticut first to visit friends and then heading back into the city so I can attend a Strategic Account Management seminar.  If everyone could think good thoughts for our friend's son who is in the hospital with salmonella poisoning I'd appreciate it.  We'll see them when we are in CT.  Poor little guy.  I have a stuffed pig for him, hopefully it'll cheer him up a little bit.

I am really hoping to have at least 30 minutes to check out Tinsel Trading Company .  Unfortunately they aren't open on Sundays and close at 6pm during the week.  So I will be running out the door at 5pm to rush over there and doing some SPEED shopping...oh it's been done before I'm not afraid!

Below is a pair of Cherry Earrings!!  LOVE.  I had a cute pair from Antro but since they are glass and I dropped one, well I now only have one left!  So these new ones will replace them nicely.  I found these at Etsy of course.  The shop was called thumble cute stuff!

Well I need to finish getting ready and get some SLEEP!  I haven't been getting enough and want to be well rested for the next 5 days traveling!  

I hope to have some fun pictures from my trip when I get back.  I will try and post while I am away, but I also will be trying to pack in all the fun I can while I am there!!

Crafty dreams,


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  1. The background looks great! Good job and cute earrings. I am going to teach you how to make earrings...they are easy breezy! See you soon and think of me as you drool over every inch of Tinsel Trading!