Monday, June 8, 2009

Project to Finish

Good Evening Everyone!

For today's post I thought I would include a project I uncovered while unpacking the studio.

Back in the days of living in Chicago I saw a friend's friend's gift to her of a cute handmade frame.  It was decorated with papers and such, it didn't have glass or anything for the picture, just magnets on the back.  This is a great idea to personalize a fun picture for your friend's fridge!  I have a few to finish and more to make.  

My dad spent an evening or two cutting out tons of the chipboard frames for me, and I spent time cutting out the posterboard to line the back.

I'll post more as I make them.  

I went for a nice jog at Wash Park tonight and visited my friend Carol's garden and ate some of her first harvest of radishes - yum!  I wish i had a green thumb!  I'll stick to the crafts and let someone else grow the great food!

Creative Wishes,


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  1. I have missed so much while in Vegas....
    Can't wait to see you Friday. I was in Denver twice at the airport and thought of you both times. Your blog looks wonderful. So glad you are blogging!!!! Kara