Saturday, August 18, 2012

Handmade U Sponsors #13 - Besotted Brands

Hi Everyone,

Today's sponsor is Besotted Brands!  They sent along a fun door prize that some lucky lady will win!

Check out their blog and shop HERE!

From their website here is how they describe their well said!!  Really intriguing!

"Besotted Brand LLC, the illustrious purveyors of fine design, lay claim to a quaint studio under the violet leaves of a Jacaranda tree in the City of Angels. The studio is pure magic; the leaves sweep themselves into the compost bin, pens don their caps like derbies, and the crumpets don’t ever leave crumbs. Everyone knows that for Proprietress Miss B., slipshod and messy just won’t do. "

Thanks Besotted Brands!


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