Saturday, August 4, 2012

Handmade U Sponsor #7 - Michele Witchell

The Sponsor of the day is Michele Witchell of Life on this Good Day Blog - check it HERE

Check out her Artful Thursdays where Michele shares fun and creative tutorials for some cute projects.  She walks you step by step in making something new!   Always great for inspiration!

Thanks Michele, we appreciate your support of Handmade U!!



  1. How nice of her!! I think I met her at Silver Bella? Or at least was in a swap with her maybe?

    You doing okay? I am being an absolute slacker right now and getting very little accomplished. All the kids go back to school on the 13th so I tell myself that spending all my time goofing off with them is good!

  2. I'm doing great, Handmade U prep is in full swing! Looking forward to seeing you all again!! Nothing more important than time with your kiddos! Have a great last week with them! See you soon!!