Friday, September 25, 2009

My Boys!


This week seemed like two weeks all rolled into one! I am happy it is the weekend, and happy to have some time to post a few things!! Today I caught some good sunshine from the windows and some good subjects basking in said sunshine, so I quickly pulled out the Nikon!!

MaGraw has been more social lately, back to himself. He has CRF, and for the last couple weeks has been less than his normal socialite-ness.

Now he has perked up and has spent more time on my lap and poking around into what I am working on, which makes me happy.

Harley is still his old self, burrowing under the covers and lounging like an expert. Do you see his little paw here?

That is all I saw of him most of the afternoon until I pulled back the covers on my, oops, unmade bed!

Check out the "new" vintage quilt I purchased online!
I have had a little bit of an overwhelming desire for old quilt tops and quilts lately and have a number piled here that I've purchased. My parent's mail lady is beginning to question how long I will be staying here and if the packages will continue to arrive.....oh well, isn't the Post Office suffering in the recession?

Others I have purchased need a little bit of work or need to be quilted. Luckily for me, my mom is a pro!!

Happy Weekend!!


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