Sunday, September 13, 2009

Crazy times!


The weekend flew by. Once I got back from Denver, I had a client mtg on Friday in Omaha, and then started feeling lousy :( Saturday I mustered enough energy to attend my cousin's wedding in the small town my Dad grew up in.

Mom, Dad and I.

Dad and I, as I sink into the ground in my heels :)

My Dad and his youngest brother Bill, he is the Father of the Bride. Since we sat in the back I was unable to get a good picture of my cousin Nicki, but she looked great, and had a large wedding party that appeared to be heading for fun as they loaded up in the Big Red Bus!

We skipped the reception as my Dad and I both were worn out, so we stopped by and had dinner with my Mom's mom on the way home.

Today I woke up with a worse sore throat, and had hoped the urgent care doctor would prescribe something since I will be traveling and in 4 states in 5 days this week for work. Unfortunately, I'll have to sweat this one out without good ol drugs. What are your best tips for getting rid of sinus infections?? I may try the Neti-Pot thing tomorrow, but honestly it scares me!!

I did work on getting my recipe card book swap pages done today. I have cut all the pieces out and have them sorted for the pages. I just need to figure out the best way to glue the cardstock on the chipboard. Any suggestions for the right adhesive??

Last update, my house is officially back on the market. I guess my realtor had a stager come in and move things around. I can't wait to see the virtual tour once it is up and running! Wish me luck :)

Here's to a healthy week!!



  1. Hope you feel better! Be safe in your travels!

  2. For sore throats from my sinuses, I take ibuprofen. It will help with the pain and some of the swelling.
    I have tried the neti pot and I do not like it. It just doesn't feel right to me.
    Good luck on selling the house and I hope you start to feel better.