Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Handmade U Semester 8 - Hoop Art SWAP

Hi Again,

Part of the excitement in preparing to come to Handmade U are the many SWAPS to participate in.  This gives the ladies that are really anxious to get here a little something to keep them busy before HU begins.... (or a lot busy if you sign up for ALL of them)

As I mentioned in the last post I host the Color Box Swap and then ask other students to host their own swap.  They provide me the guidelines and then pair up the participants that sign up or coordinate all the participants if it is a group vs one-on-one swap.  This semester we had a few new ideas that were loads of fun!

Jennifer suggested and hosted the Hoop Art Swap!  This was a one-on-one swap that each participant created (or purchased) a meaningful hoop based on what they could gather from their partner of their interests.

These hoops really hit to the heart of each of us!  So thoughtful and lovingly created or purchased!!

Jayne & Laura:

Suzanne & Kim:

Dawn & Nicole:

Mackenzie & Charity:

 Me & Beth:

 Jennifer & Julie:

Casey & Ali:

Katie & Tammy:

Dianne & Bianca:

All the hoops were so fun to see!  Everyone had their own take on them and made them special for their partners!  So fun!

This swap I think should be a keeper!!

More to come!

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