Saturday, May 16, 2015

Handmade U Semester 8 - COLOR BOX SWAPS!!


As I started sifted through the pics of all our Handmade U Swaps I quickly realized this would take a few posts to share all the fun things the students traded, or SWAPPED with each other. 

First I'll share my favorite.  This has quickly become a student favorite as well.  I host this swap each semester because it is incredibly fun to pick out a color and have your partner find a fun container/box, and fill it to the brim with vintage bits of ephemera, fabric, paints, or buttons, trims, etc.  Really anything and everything to create a visual treat when your partner opens it up!  There are a lot of ooh's and aah's and maybe a few eeks, when the receiving end opens up her swap box!

Traditionally a vintage jewelry box is found and filled, it is the perfect container since there are so many little spots to fill up.  We had a few new container firsts that you'll see below that were a hit as well!

Jennifer and Charity -
{Vintage Train Case and Jewelry Box}

Ali and Julie -
{Vintage Jewelry Boxes}

Nicole and Robin -
{Nicole found this cute sewing bag for Robin, super cute, and a Vintage Jewelry Box}

Casey & Judy
{Vintage Cake Tin and a Large Floral Box}

 Carey & Katie
{Vintage Jewelry Boxes}

Dawn & Dianne
{Vintage Jewelry Box and Wooden Cigar Box}

Tonya & Jayne
{Wooden Travel Box and Vintage Wooden Purse....Jayne was brought to tears by Tonya's sweet story and Facebook stalking to pick the most perfect symbolic container, super special}

 Tammy & Beth
{Vintage Train Case and Jewelry Box}

Barb & Rene
{Bird Cage - fun new idea! And Jewelry Box}

Me and Laura
{Metal Tool Box (loved it Laura!) and Vintage Train Case}

Valita and Shae
{Wooden Box and Hat Box}

These color boxes just get better and better!  I love the thought all the girls put into their swaps.  They truly are a treasure to take home!  


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