Friday, May 15, 2015

Handmade U - Semester 8 - Day 3 - Class Time, Wood Fire Oven Pizza and a Fond Farewell Dinner

Hi All -

I'm loving remembering this joy filled weekend!!  Even though I might have been a little crazy busy during the weekend, I enjoyed every moment with these students!!

Saturday morning we started by finishing the little birdies and plaque with Melody.  The painting and collaging really added to the personality of each little birdie.

All the beautiful work from the students!

I hope they grace a special place in each of your homes!!

While everyone worked to finish their projects in the morning we had an Oven Fire Pizza making machine come set-up for lunch!

Even in the brisk weather and drizzle they braved the elements to FEED us!  So grateful!

Thanks to Rolling Fire Company for bringing in lunch and cranking out those pizzas!  Did you know those ovens get to over 800 degrees??  After a day of cooling off they can still cook a chicken in it??  Wow, HOT!

The pizzas were super tasty!  They were also very accommodating for our gals who were gluten free, even egg and corn free along with a few other things....

Judy was able to eat pizza after not having it for years!!  Yay!

After having our fill of pizzas that kept being delivered into the barn, we finished up Melody's fun project and I provided my Handmade U Barn stitching project to everyone that was ready...

I gave a few stitching lessons to those who were embroidering for their FIRST time!! How exciting!

Though this project wasn't going to be completed in an afternoon, I was so excited to see everyone get started with a stitch or two!  We have been sharing on our FB group and instagram the progress.  I'll do an update blog post when I get more finished project photos to share.  I love seeing how differently all the gals are choosing to stitch their project!

I put together a little "self-published" {aka copied and sewn} book together of my favorite basic stitches.  I hope it helped the newbies!!

One of the gals favorite gifts of the weekend was the amazing Quilted Red Barn needle keeper that my Mom created for each student, personalized and all!

After everyone finished their projects and started wrapping up the gals either went back to freshen up at their hotel, or even snuck in some extra shopping....

Dinner was at Lazlo's in downtown Lincoln in an area called the Haymarket.  I had chosen kebabs, steak or chicken, and salads.  Such good food, and great service.

We had our own special room which was away from the crowded restaurant, so it was relaxing and private to share one last meal together and my thanks to the group!!

We even had an impromptu photo shoot at the end of the evening...

Thanks to Melody Ross for being such a wonderful teacher, and impromptu helper - given I was a little behind due to being under the weather the few days before HU.  She was a trooper and I can't thank her enough!

Thanks too to all the Sponsors, I will be doing a special blog post coming up on the Sponsors, they make HU even more FUN!!  Who doesn't love a goodie bag?!

Thanks to all the 'peaters this semester!!  The 1-peaters or the 2, 3, 4 or 5-peaters!!  I loved having you at the Homestead, I hope you enjoyed it!!

Ya'll come back now ya hear?


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