Thursday, May 19, 2011

Handmade U

Hi Everyone,

Please click on the Handmade U button on the left side of the blog to see all the information regarding my first ever Art Event!! First Semester at Handmade U enrollment has begun, and the small cozy event is nearly half sold out! We have two more spaces at the lodge, and about 9 spots left for those that want to join us and stay at a nice reasonable hotel nearby.

It is going to be fabulous, you don't want to miss the inaugural event!! Many more semesters to come!!

Hope to see you when the school bell rings!!!



  1. So excited for you!! I know it'll be a huge success!

  2. Thanks Jackie!! Hope you can make 2nd Semester ;)

  3. Just got a message from Jodie that she will be attending...Am thrilled to see her!!! We are all going to have so much fun...