Tuesday, May 3, 2011

February Brave Girls 2011

Hi Brave People!

It seems like forever ago that I was in the Mountains of Idaho visiting the smiling faces at Brave Girls Camp for my second year!

I convinced (without much arm twisting) my friend Lisa Stanton to come again with me! It was a year before that we met at Brave Girls' the first time.

My friend Kara Ward also attended Brave Girls'. So nice to spend time with her!

Rachel McCarthy who I met last year at Spark was also there. Many referred to her as Curly haired Rachel :) !! There were many name doubles at BGC that week.

I also met some fun new ladies, two of which are below. Megan and Kirsten. They kept me cracking up all week long! You don't say! I was lucky enough to see Kirsten recently for dinner in Lawrence, KS.

The cabin we stayed in was huge! The BG team turned a garage into this amazing art room!
There was a beautiful kitchen for Kathy and the team to create tasty food and treats for us!
Thanks to the whole Brave Girl Staff for taking great care of us and putting on a fun talent night to end our week with you. Inspiring to say the least!
Thanks to all the other Brave Girls for sharing and caring! Love you! The week was just as I expected, a wonderful retreat, a time away for reflection and creating meaningful art. I encourage you all to go!!


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