Monday, May 16, 2011

Broadway in Omaha

Hello Everyone,

This April Jim and I attended a production of Les Miserables at the Orpheum in Omaha. The theatre is beautiful, although the seats are tight....once you're in you're in!

I really enjoyed the show, I really didn't know much about it before that night. I did recognize many of the songs.

I am excited we have tickets for Wicked that is coming to the Orpheum this June.

Even more exciting is our trip to New York that is coming up, we are seeing the preview of Spiderman! I'll share with you that trip soon!

Seen any good shows lately??



  1. How fun! Glen and I used to go to a lot of shows and operas but haven't for awhile. I think the last show we saw was Avenue Q. :-)

  2. I really enjoyed Wicked - I think you will too.
    We saw Barry Manilow in Vegas and I *loved* that! John Michael Montgomery was good too. Hope he gets his act back together.
    Have fun in NY!