Saturday, September 8, 2012

Handmade U - Sponsor #16 Lisa Leonard

Hi Everyone,

Handmade U is only weeks away!  The excitement is building and preparations are in a frantic swing!! I was away on a work/vacation trip and am home to forge ahead to complete all the final tasks for the fun weekend to come!

I wanted to introduce you all to Lisa Leonard, today's sponsor!  Lisa makes beautiful and meaningful jewelry that becomes your go-to piece day to day, but special enough for a fun event!

Lisa has sent us a beautiful necklace that one lucky lady will win during Handmade U!

Please check out Lisa's blog where she shares about her sweet family and her day to day style, (which is fab!).

Also be sure to check out her shop HERE!  Sign up for her daily emails and receive a coupon code for a percent off your next purchase!!  How awesome!

Thanks so much Lisa for supporting Handmade U!!

Here is one of her gorgeous pieces!!



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  1. ....i can't wait for a chance to win Lisa's gift i'm feeling lucky & i will check out her blog & her shop....i neglected to mention Rachel...i am also bringing door prizes & give away's for Handmade U... & one of my door prizes is something i learned in one of your classes???? i can't wait for the fun weekend you have in store for us! i'm an upper class woman this go around being a 3rd semester kinda gal!!! my swaps are finished...& i'm getting my supplies together...can't wait to see you!!!