Monday, July 11, 2011

Tuesday Brochante Day

Bon Jour,

After our morning croissants and juice, we headed out anxious to see what Guy's old hat factory had in store for us.

Last year Lizzie took us to a hat factory that had closed more than 12 years ago.
It was as if on the last day they were opened, the closing whistle went off and the women left their machines with half finished hats in place and walked out like any other day.
That is how it looks yet today (mind the layers of dirt, dust, and god knows what else).

I wasn't sure what might be left since we did some damage last year, and I knew some of the girls last week, and was SURE they loaded up too! I have to say it did not disappoint. Cathy Mogull and Molly Meng armed with bandanas around their neck to cover their mouth while pulling down boxes from the tippy top of the shelves unearthed even more interesting items.

I walked away with some great deals, some items Guy didn't agree to sell to me since they were memories for him. Anything with his father's name on it he refuses to sell for good reason. So I left a few treasures there, maybe for next time when he is more ready to part with them.

I picked up more paper goods there for me Fall Semester of Handmade U!! Can't wait to share with you the project that we'll use them in!

Next on our journey for the day we stopped at Patrick Broughs. Kaari has been visiting him for years.

He has his brochantes in the garages of his backyard. The Chateau brought down tea and biscuits for us to re-energize here while shopping.

It was a fun day of searching through history, picking out items to reuse and repurpose into something special today.

More again soon. I'm just adjusting to the time, exhausted from the travel yesterday, but so happy to be home and see my kitties and especially my guy!