Tuesday, July 5, 2011

France in Full Swing - Monday

Bon Jour,

I made it across the ocean. Walking into the Chateau was wonderful, it was like I never left.

Sunday when I arrived a few of us were earlier than the rest. We had a wonderful lunch on the patio. Since we had time before the rest of the ladies arrived I took advantage of my room being ready and took a little much need nap.

We had a tasty dinner on the patio and an early night to bed.

Monday we were up and ready to head to Cordes for a farmer's market that was so much fun.

We started off with a walk through the LIVE market....all the cute little animals were going to be someone's meal at some point.

The smells of the fresh fruit, the meats, and Aligot were so tempting.

There were a handful of vendors making amazing smells food to take home. The paella smelled delicious.

After our market we headed back to the Chateau for a lesson on making foie gras and a strong mustard.

I'll have a tin to take home of the foie gras and jar of mustard.

After our lesson we had a tasty lunch of chicken and vegetables.

Then we had an afternoon of "trying" to learn to crochet. Susan did a great job of teaching it, I did a poor job of learning it. My test sample piece ended up being turned into a little necklace on a chain....I'll share a picture tomorrow.

Monday night was Wine Night with Laurent. A lovely sparkling wine with a Violette liquor started us off.

Peggy and I enjoying our sparkling wine.

Laurent only speaks French, so Lizzie, the Chateau owner, interpreted for us.

Here she is with her sweet kitty. What a life that kitty has wandering the grounds.

Then cheeses and breads feed us while we tried a number of whites and reds.

It was a wonderful day!



  1. Looks like you are having lots of fun already! I don't think I would have liked the "live" market because I couldn't stand the thought of what might actually happen to those little creatures. As long as I don't have to see them alive and know what is going to happen I'd be okay...
    I'm glad you're posting while you are still there and have a fresh recollection. Can't wait to read more!