Monday, October 18, 2010

Spark 2

Year 2 - Spark!

Last year I ventured out to Utah, gorgeous country, for the first time to attend a little event called Spark. Some lovely ladies, Margie, Rhonna and Elizabeth hosted a wonderful event.

I had such a great time, when I saw they were doing it all again I didn't hesitate to sign up! I planned on going with my dear friend Lisa, but due to a loss in her family she wasn't able to make it. We made up for it the following weekend at the Creative be blogged about next :)

Luckily I checked in with my friend Dana who was also going and we coordinated times and decided to share a room. It worked out great and we had a terrific time.

I rented the car just in time to pick up Dana from her flight. We high-tailed it down to Dear Lizzie's boutique and bistro.

The picture below is just a little bit of heaven....the Dizzy Lizzie drink - YUM, the cupcake with a hint of almond flavoring - MAJOR YUM!! Man I love a good cupcake!

The rest of the evening we ran errands, picked up some last minute supplies for our classes, and tried unsuccessfully to find a good sushi restaurant in Utah....we found a sushi restaurant...the operative word was good.

Bright and Early the next morning we headed down to Noah's, the chosen location for the event this year. It was a beautiful facility and the decorations were SO COOL.

The ceiling was full of creative inspiration.

The tables were set with vintage goodness.

As you can see it is not Spark 1, it is SPARK No 2!!
One of my all time favorite things is an old fashioned photo booth. I loved that The Spark girls brought on in a photo booth and let us have at it...for FREE mind you, so great, so fun!

The most fun I usually have at these events is just connecting with old friends and new friends! Really makes an event better when you have fun and friendly folks!

So happy to get to know these two gals better, Rachel (great name:) and Jackie!

Day 2 was Margie's BIRTHDAY!! Of course she had to wear a birthday CROWN. Love you Margie! If you had to be stuck on a deserted island with only one person....and you wanted someone who would be positive, creative, and hilarious, I'll tell you what...Margie would be it! 'TM'

My roomie for the weekend Dana, she's a tell like it is gal! I love that about her.

It was great to see Crystal again too!

Of course the projects were a lot of fun too! We made a little mini album, a fun lampshade with fabrics to hang pictures from....need to finish and hang in my studio....

This is part of the Felted Wool Scarf I made. We were given a bag of raw colored wool. We wet the wool, laid it into the shape we wanted...and then using bubble wrap, WaaLA! Sooo not that easy, but there was a lot of rolling and kneading... let's just leave it at that.

Fun flower pin. A little glimmer mist here, and little shiny bauble there.
This was the canvas I did in April's class. I need to find a place to hang this. The word under the silhouette is Destiny.

I'd be remiss not to mention the food...more importantly the desserts. There were a ton of them. I decided to FOCUS, not spread my attention too thin...So I picked just one little cupcake...

It was tiny in the grand scheme of things...

Ok maybe it was a little more than I bargained for... one bite was about all I could do after the great meal that was provided for us....but it was a tasty bite!!

So great location, great people, great projects, great food (and cupcakes!!)...Great great great.

So what could top off this greatness?? Oh the Sparkers decided to throw in a little live music....but not ANY live music, not just some volunteer out of the audience to sign for these ladies brought in the one and only Mindy Gledhill!! Her voice is so sweet and soulful. It was beautiful. If you don't have her new album, stop, go out and buy it, then come back. Poor thing was freezing, but she hung out with us, shared some stories and songs. What a cherry on the tippy top!

And to top top it off....two Rachel's. Nuf' Said.

When is Spark 3??



  1. Was so sad to miss Spark2 but we will go to Spark3, right!?!
    I love the picture of you biting the cupcake - funny!

  2. Ooh, that looks like a great event! And Mindy Gledhill too!!!

  3. *Swoon*

    Looks like you had an absolutely lovely time. That picture of you and the cupcake is priceless. =)

  4. Such a blast!!! Can't wait til' next year's festivities :)

  5. AWEsome recap!! I created a Spark Sisters blog and would love for you to drop in an link up your blog and help us spread the word :)
    *hugs from Conroe, TX!

  6. Good times . . . good times. I hope I see you again at Spark 3. But now, after reading your latest post, I want to go to Creative Connections. I'm sooooo sad I missed that. Love Pioneer Woman, and the crafts looked awesome. I've been dying to make those little animals. :) Now I'm off to visit the Brave Girls website. Thanks for the tip on that! Glad the move is over!! Post pictures of your new house.