Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Happy April Birthdays

Hi All -

Happy Birthday to all the April Birthday's out there. April is a popular birthday month from my circle of friends and family.

Today is my friend Nicole's b-day, last week my brother turned the BIG 4-0!!! Wow....
My friend Mike, Matt, Shantelle, and my Grandma all have birthdays this month...and I'm probably forgetting a few.

This year my friend Megan celebrated my birthday early since she is out of town this week. This is the forth year she has made this delicious Angel Food cake for me. We enjoyed the cake with blackberries and raspberries. YUM!! What a great tradition!

I convince myself that Angel Food cake is really "healthy" for me, don't you agree?!!? Better than a rich chocolate cake or carrot cake, although carrot cake somehow sounds healthy too ;)

Ok enough pictures, let's dig in!!!

I also was sent home with more cake, and finished it the following morning for breakfast....well I really didn't have any food in my Denver house!! So I HAD TO!!

What are your favorite birthday traditions??



  1. That last photo is HILARIOUS!!! I now just want to bake you something so you make that face.

  2. So funny! My mom's birthday is April 17th. I LOVE angel food cake for birthdays - with berries and whipped cream. I hate frosting, so, that's what I always have!

  3. Angel food cake is all AIR, right? Carrot cake is baaaaad. . . way worse than any other cake (except maybe cheesecake, but that's different). So yummy though.

    I don't really have any birthday traditions for myself, but I love to make themed cakes for my family.

  4. My Grandma always fixed my twin sister and I angel food cake, but my cousin got devils food cake. What do you think she was trying to say?

    Hope you have a wonderful b-day!

  5. Sheila - that is too funny!! Jennifer - I know carrot cake so baaad! but oh so good. Jeanne - I am here just for your enjoyment! Jackie Happy Bday to your mom!

  6. Happy Birthday! My Birthday is April 7th. I turned 30 this year :( lol what a lovely post thanks for sharing!