Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Easter Family Day!

Hi Everyone,

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter Weekend. I know it was awhile ago! However I don't know about you, but my April has been quite a whirlwind!

I spent Easter in Nebraska with my family. The Easter Bunny hid a LOT (65+) eggs! My youngest niece Allie took over and found all the eggs. The Easter Bunny was very generous and for her efforts she gathered nearly $19 in change!

Allie spent time emptying all the money and candy from the plastic eggs and threw the empties in the below box. Harley decided he had better check out what was going on. Harley spent most of the day upstairs with the family. My Dad and I picked up my Grandma in the morning while my Mom prepared the rest of lunch. We then picked up my brother and his two daughters to bring everyone out. Harley's personality is definitely coming out stronger now that his brother MaGraw has passed. He is a funny kitty.

Harley doesn't sit still too long unless he is tired from running around like crazy. Here he is ready to jump from my lap to chase a little "fake" lady bug beetle thing...

Happy Spring,


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