Friday, February 5, 2010

Rach-ology Designs more fun!

Happy February!

Is anyone else disappointed in that darn Groundhog?? I am over the winter, the cold, the snow, all of it!! However, I will enjoy some fun winter weather when I head to Idaho in just over a week for BraveGirl Camp!! I can't tell you how excited I am. I may even start packing tomorrow :)

More on that to come of course!

I wanted to share with you some more of my Rach-ology Designs.

These are my "Third Date Earrings :)"

I think these would be fun to wear in some warm tropical locale, so I call them my "Cabo" Earrings-

I wore these for Christmas, so I call them my "Good golly jolly" earrings -

Here are my "Top Banana" Earrings:

Here are my "Easy does it" Earrings:

Hope you enjoy your weekend!!



  1. Hi Rachelle - your Easy Does it earrings look like me. Love the colours. Keep that creative spirit creating!

  2. LOVE the new LOOKY! IT is so fresh and stylish! Just like you! The earring are yummy too! You have so many talents! Can't wait for some pink earrings!