Sunday, February 28, 2010

Brave Girls The FOOD!

Hi Again,

With the risk of making myself oh so hungry, I will share with you a little about the AMAZING food that was prepared for us during our stay in Idaho.

I had started getting a little concerned the week before I left for Brave Girl Camp. The girls who had been to the camp previously said their "biggest concern" about coming was gaining 10 lbs from all the food that would be served to us. Luckily I worked out each day before going to Idaho, went on a couple walks, and ate reasonable portions!

But even if I had gained 10lbs, (it was only 2-3lbs) it would have been SOOOO worth it!

I asked Kathy, the QUEEN of the Kitchen, to put out a Brave Girl Recipe book (this is just another reminder Kathy, please pretty please??). I think she is one of those talented people that just create in the kitchen, not one to follow specifically to a recipe, but just feel the food and puts something wonderful together.

I mean look at these cupcakes! Seriously?? I had the vanilla one with the little icing birdie. YUM.

We had a wonderful breakfast each morning. Tasty lunch, mid-day snack and then a dinner with dessert!

The little brie cups were tasty! Also there was asparagus wrapped in roast beef.

Aren't these cute plates too by the way? We each had our names on our water glasses which was nice so we wouldn't lose them!

I didn't have my camera at every meal, but check out the few I did get shots of....

This salad was SOOOO GOOD! The dressing was homemade, a tasty creamy balsamic, with walnuts and I think feta.
For dinner one evening we had a grilled chicken kebab and vegetables with rice.

The last evening was Tri-tip steak. I don't typically eat red meat, but I made an exception and tried this, glad I did! The warm spinach salad was tasty and we had mac & cheese on the side. MAC & CHEESE! They made a side of beans as well. YUMmmm.
The attention to detail was so awesome. Check out these home-made marshmallows that the girls made....and cut into bird shapes!!

Thanks to the kitchen CREW! Your efforts did not go unnoticed. Kathy - just let me know when & where I can purchase your first cookbook ;)

Now I'm hungry.

Bon Appetit!



  1. The steak was my favorite! Everything was so good when we went too!!!

  2. Hello,這裡真是百看不厭的部落格........................................