Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Valentine Swap

Hi All -

We haven't even hit New Year's and I was all about Valentine's Day today!! Natalea over at Kandeland is hosting a Valentine's Day Tag Swap and I was lucky enough to get in before it was full!

I picked up a few last supplies today and started coming up with ideas. I was planning a rich velvety red/cream theme, but what overcame that was pink hearts, red accents, and pastel cupcakes! AND HOT PINK GLITTER!! I will take a photo of them tomorrow in good light and share. I also need to reaffix some of the embellishments, the tape runner I used was NOT so strong.

So glad to get these done though since they need to go out by January 16th, and I am traveling the next two weeks. Well I suppose I should work on my Christmas Cards tomorrow now that I have the Valentines done right?!? Christmas is over you say?? OK, I need to finish my Happy New Year Cards tomorrow, and FAST!!

I'll leave you with a LOUD......GOOOOO BIIIIIIG REEEEEED!!! Go Big Red!! Huskers in the Holiday Bowl tomorrow, so exciting!!

Happy New Year's,


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  1. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

    Have a wonderful New Year.