Thursday, November 26, 2009

More Silver Bella - Jennifer Murphy

Happy Thanksgiving!

One of the big highlights of Silver Bella this year was meeting Jennifer Murphy and taking two classes with her. One was a snowman class, and the next one was a Shadow Birdie Box!

This is the sample of the snowman we made.

Here is Jennifer showing our table how to stick the pipe-cleaners through the body to create the snowman's arms.

During our snowman class Jennifer had some of her handcrafted animals on our table to view and fall in love with! Guess who came home with me after the Vendor Faire Friday night?

MAX the CAT!!
This couple of bears are adorable. The blue color is so pretty!

This little bear and mouse holding the xmas tree are too cute!

Jennifer brought her newborn son Claude to the event, and her mom Pat Murphy, of her own bear-making fame came along to help. What a cute family!

Here is the Shadow Birdie Box Class we had on Saturday.

This is one of Jennifer's samples:

This is my finished product! I used a vintage fabric to cover the box rather than paper, but you can use either.

Thanks Jennifer for a couple of fun classes!

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