Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Catching up....ALASKA!

Hi Again,

I decided to interrupt this otherwise strictly Silver Bella update to share a few pics from my Alaska adventure a month ago! I went for a work trip and work we did! Below is a pic of a little plane we took for a 15 minute flight from Anchorage to Kenai Penisula. Very friendly people there!
This was a view from Kenai too.

We did have a day and a half to drive down the countryside of Alaska from Anchorage to Seward and saw some really beautiful scenery, not many people, but lots of scenery!

The mountains were a totally different feel from the Rockies that I'm used to! I like how we were basically at sea level with the mountains all around.

We stopped at a Animal Wildlife Conservation, it was really nice to see that people are looking after these animals that weren't quite ready to be back in the "real world".

There were Moose, Bears, Eagles, Owls, Buffalo, Elk, and more.
This bear was tip toeing across the ice testing it!!
It was such a crisp clear chilly day, perfect for the drive.

We drove on down to Seward, which seems pretty closed up for the winter.
On our drive back my friend Pat really wanted to try the 2.5 mile tunnel that goes through a mountain (apparently the longest one around?). So we paid our $14 bucks or so and drove through. It was creepy, being Halloween night, and it being dark and not many people around!! Luckily we timed it right, because since the tunnel is only one narrow road, you have to wait on the other side for it to open in the right direction!! We could have been stuck there for close to two hours, but made it back through in 20 min or so!!

After that, we were ready to get back to civilization and get some sleep to get ready for the long journey home! What an interesting week in Alaska!


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