Friday, July 31, 2015

Brave Girl University - Come Join in the Fun!

I found Brave Girls Club  by word of mouth at a local art retreat back in 2009.  It was right after Melody and Kathy hosted their first Camp.  I had no idea at the time what it really was, or who these women were, but I felt I was being called to attend, so I signed up....all alone, knowing no one.  I wasn't afraid, or overly anxious, the need for a retreat overwhelmed any nervousness that I might have felt in going to a cabin in Idaho to stay with 20 women for 5 days.

Well that was 2010, now 5 years later I've been to many Brave Girl Camps, each time learning from not only the Brave Girls team, but from the women from all around the world that attend.  Each woman brings their life experience and shares the lessons they've learned with all of us.  

Since everyone can't attend Camp, the online courses came about and opened up the opportunity for girls around the world to learn the same lessons from Camp and new ones from Melody and Kathy.  The Facebook groups created that space to connect and share experiences with woman around the world.

Not to stand still in their Mission to CHANGE THE WORLD... Melody, Kathy, and the whole Brave Girls Team have a new vision for GIVING women around the globe the opportunity to LEARN from women around the globe!  They have seen it in person over and over that we ALL have gifts to share with others and what better forum to share those than BRAVE GIRL UNIVERSITY!

I'm honored to be a teacher sharing my classes with you beginning September 1 when the University is in Session.

Click on the picture above for more information and to support me by signing up with my link.  I can't wait for you to check it out.  Not only will you have access to my classes but ALL classes from so many AMAZING teachers.  September 1 is going to be like Christmas morning!  So much goodness, so much inspiration, so much LOVE.

SIGN UP TODAY!!!  You will NOT want to miss this!


{P.S.  YOU NEED NOT BE AN "ARTIST", "CRAFTY" , "CREATIVE", all those things that you believe you might not be....  Just bring yourself, your willingness to learn a few new things, and your readiness for some FUN}


  1. Is this included in Soul School, or is it a separate charge?

  2. So if we're already subscribed to Soul School, we don't have to do anything? Even better! This is exciting... I'm so happy for you Rachel!