Thursday, February 26, 2015

Cora McGough

When we moved out to our Homestead last year we decided that the place needed a puppy. We waited until after the Fall semester of Handmade U to find just the right addition.  We searched numerous places and found this little one!  

She jumped and jumped and peed all over when she met us, pretty excited to meet us....kind of hard to say no to an attitude like that!  Didn't hurt that she was the cutest thing we've seen!

Jim took her in his car on the drive home....oh my she looks so small here!!  

On the drive Jim thought of her name, and when she arrived home she was named Cora McGough.

The first few months were an adjustment for all of us!  The 5 indoor cats were not particularly happy about the new family member.  They boycotted my office during the day, opting to stay in the living room and leave the office to Cora.  I began getting up earlier every day which came with the bonus of seeing quite a few beautiful sunrises over the Red Barn and Cora is fun to hang with.

Bath time, Cora doesn't love it, but she puts up with it.

How can you resist this face??

When we stopped at Petsmart the next day to pick up all the essentials for Cora we ran across some kitties that were there from the Humane Society.  We had talked about getting a couple Barn Kitties and these two were perfect.  So within 2 days our Parent to Pet ratio went from 2:5 to 2:8!  yikes.  

Luckily, the kitties LOVE Cora and Cora LOVES them.  

Cora loves hanging outside.

Fun fall nights by the fire pit.

Another thing Cora LOVES and doesn't get enough of is VISITORS!!  She loved meeting my Dad....she may have peed on him.....tiny bladder + excitement = messy.

Cora reigns over the leaves in our yard.

Waiting for Jim to get home on the back porch...

This is before Simba the cat took over her bed....she loves a vintage quilt like the rest of us.

Not to miss the cuteness of the barn they are in my art studio.  They are so much bigger now!

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