Monday, January 13, 2014

This Documented Life

Hi All -

Are you among the 3,400+ joining the Documented Life project?!  The Art to the 5th crew have really hit it out of the park with an OUTSTANDING project!  A fun, useful and easy to keep up daily planner!!

Check it out HERE.

You mention Moleskines and my ears perk up.  I love planners in general, but one that can hold art, ephemera, daily little bits that I accumulate, now we are really talking!

I must have been living under a rock for awhile,(maybe just out of town for the holidays) but when I resurfaced I saw what all the hoop-la was about and jumped in.

I ran out to my nearby trusty Dick Blick's and picked up one of their last 2014 planners.  I think I got one a little different from the masses, but it's gonna work for me.

I signed up for Lorraine Bell's mini-workshop.  Check it out HERE..... It's only $12 people, give it a go!  I loved watching the videos, #1 because I haven't seen Lorraine for a couple years and loved seeing/hearing her!  and #2 it was a great kick in the butt to get going, she makes it look fun and easy!! I couldn't wait to get started.

One of the first steps is adding all the extra pages with WASHI Tape!  It's always nice to have a use for the basket of washi tapes that I have!

Next was to paint the cover.  I am still in the midst of creating the cover.  I painted with gesso first, the found a fun Tim Holtz Stamp that I used as a background with a navy Statz On ink.

I found a fun stencil too that I used with a yellow, blue and red spray ink ...

I added some pink and blue neon paint, and more to come....doodling, and adding some ephemera are next...
Watch my progression on the cover and the challenges on my Instagram : rjmcgough
This will be a fun project to work on all year long!

The artists that are part of this project are each fabulous as well.  I am in love with Roben-Marie Smith's artwork too!
Check out all her workshops that are available online HERE!  I hope I can find some time to fit in one of them soon.  OR, perhaps I will have to see if Roben-Marie would be interested in coming to Handmade U for an upcoming semester!!  
Would love to learn from her here in Omaha one day!!
Hope to see you all on the Facebook Group!
Have a fun time with it!


  1. Great post. :) I look forward to seeing your planner as we go along. I'm still chicken to do my cover. :/ Your cover is looking good. :)

    1. I was a little nervous too, but after taking Lorraine's class I just started and it's coming together! Good luck!

  2. I'd love to see these girls at Handmade U!!!

    1. No kidding right?!?! How fun would that be!!

  3. I'm doing The Documented Life project too!

  4. I'm also doing the Documented Life. I enjoyed reading your blog. By the way I used a stencil similar to yours on my journal that I made with my Cricut. Love seeing things like that LOL