Monday, July 15, 2013

Walnut, Iowa - My Kind of Town!

Hi Everyone,

Back in June, Jim and I made a quick trip to Walnut, Iowa for the Annual Antique Fair.  Walnut is known as Antique City in Iowa and throughout the year a fun place to shop for fun finds in all the antique shops that line the old Main Street.

The Annual Antique Fair weekend however, is jammed with so many vendors from throughout the region that come back year after year with their new treasures.

We only had a couple hours to shop before the vendors started closing up for the evening.  So we did some Speed-Antiquing!

There were a lot of fun kids tractors...they looked so cool all in a row....

and kids cars..

I don't have anymore wall space in the Art Room but if I did these might have been in consideration...

or maybe this...

Our first find was this bright and cheery Maple Leaf Quilt!  I saw the price...$25!  I thought what the??  There was a small hole from a burn...but I thought for $25 what the heck, I could use it for something.  Luckily I have a Expert Quilter as a Mother -Acorn Ridge Quilting, and she patched it so well you wouldn't be able to see where it had been unless you really searched for it!

The quilt was an approved purchase by Thunder and Bolt when we got home!

In honor of all the gals beginning their first weekend of the French General "French Getaway" Jim wore his Woaded Shirt!  I carried my woaded antiquing bag too!  Hope they all had fun!

As the shopping came to an end we came upon this amazing piece.  It was a small label box from an old pharmacy!  It was FULL of different labels a Pharmacist would have pulled from to add to pill bottles!  I have never seen anything like it!  I also have never seen anything like the Price either!!  Yikes!  It was NOT to be mine :(  I found out later my friend Mollie had seen it earlier when they shopped and sadly passed it up too.  What a fun thing to see anyhow!

Another fun day in kind of town!

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