Thursday, June 2, 2011

March Moulin Rouge

Bon Jour -

As long as I've known what an art retreat was I have wanted to attend one of Kim Caldwell's events. Over the top amazing does not begin to describe the effort that Kim puts in her events. I was not prepared for how beautifully decorated and extravagant the event was going to be. From the velvet gift bags filled with wonderful vendor donations, to the sweet table set ups and the tasty food we were served (along with cupcakes, thank you very much!!) it was all more than I could imagine.

I really lucked out and got paired up with an awesome roomie!! Denise Hahn iss not only super talented, but a fellow lover of cupcakes and treasure hunting. How could we not get along??! Denise was sweet enough to pick me up from the airport and we also picked up one of my favorite gals Michelle Geller too. More on Michelle to come....

We checked into the Hotel and it was so cute! Hotel Belamar. Highly recommend. It is very close to Susie Cakes cupcakes and new little wine shop across the street. Also there is a bagel shop that we took advantage of each morning, thanks to Denise and her car!!

We met up with Valita and the four of us headed down to the Fashion District in LA. We shopped hard, looked through beads, laces, and trims, OH MY! We could have spent hours there....but we had to stop and have was a little late in the afternoon my time and I was fading fast!! Luckily, Denise, our native LA'ian...I know that isn't right, but sounds good....took us to an amazingly cute cafe! Here we are happy to be seated with a cool beverage!

The meal was so tasty, and I'll tell you it was the weekend of sweet potato fries! YUM!

To top it off and start the weekend cupcakes, one for each of us!

We all had started to dig in before someone with a more level head, I think Michelle, thought to take a photo!! So we all patiently put the cupcakes back on the plate for the photo :)

The floor of this cafe was even so cool...

After our shopping excursion we headed back to the hotel to freshen up before our welcome to Moulin Rouge.

Then we walked into our amazing art room for the weekend. Here is my spot:

More on this fabulous weekend to come!!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!!


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