Sunday, May 2, 2010

Petticoats and Parasols - Day 3

Hi Everyone -

I am anxious to post about my weekend in St Louis at the Mary Engelbreit Workshops, HOWEVER - I have yet to finish my posts on the Petticoats and Parasols event in Savannah from last week. Was it just last weekend??? It seems so long ago, I miss being there and the new friends I made there!

So let's dive back into the ol' South and look at Day 3!!

We arrived at the Ford Plantation Saturday morning as the rain/drizzle poured down. The rain however did not dampen the day. Below check out part of the backyard of the main house. So beautiful.

Jenn had a nice big tent set up for us in back that kept us dry, but able to enjoy the beautiful scenery next to the river.

The tables were set wonderfully with our three project kits laid out.

We first began with Jenn's project, a parasol covered with fabrics and embellishments of our choosing.

We stopped for lunch early in the afternoon. We went inside the Main house and had the most delicious free range roasted chicken I've had for a long time! Jenn turned a lot of us onto Amaretto Sours, pretty tasty!

Once lunch was over, Christine showed us how to created a petticoat on a dress form.

This will be fun to hang jewelry on! I used some of my vintage feed sack materials, along with some materials on hand from Christine and Jenn.

Our final project was a framed silhouette collage with Tiffany. She provided us all the materials, and we brought our own frame. Even with the same materials, all participants' finished products looked unique.

During the whole weekend you couldn't look around the group of gals and NOT see at least 2 or three women taking pictures. I LOVE THAT! Can we get a Woo Woo for digital photography?? Just saying.
I caught Tiffany and Jenn taking photos at the same time as I walked into the main house for a cookie break...which lead into a mini Photo Shoot.

Then on the way back out I caught them pouring over their photos in each other's cameras!!

What a fun and fabulous weekend!!!

Exhausted but so inspired we left Sunday, back to reality. The weekend was over but with us we took a piece of Savannah and all the Belle's in our hearts!



  1. Hi Rach!

    We did have fun, didn't we?
    Can you imagine if we'd have sat at the same table? hahaha

    I finished unpacking yesterday and I just wanted to thank you again for the beautiful earrings you gifted in the swap...I just adore them!
    Thank you!

    I can't wait to hear all about your M.E. weekend!!!!! Did you behave? Was there a pub involved? hahahaha

    Miss you~

  2. Rachel, your smile is just infectious! Sooo sweet! I am SO cracking up over the last photo of Tiff and I. hee! hee!
    I too cant wait to hear about M.E.!!!! Drink any Amaretto Sours? ;) XO,Jenn

  3. Savannah, how wonderful! I can't wait to one day get there myself. So graciously beautiful - that's what I think of when I think of the South. I also can't wait to see your photos from St. Louis. Wasn't it fun? Hope to see you there next year, and in the meantime, I'll be following your blog - you are one talented person!

  4. You got some really cute and sweet pictures!! Have fun in Paris! So jealous!